Apulia is the easternmost region of Italy, with increased coastal development. Throughout the region, the climate is typically Mediterranean . From North to South you can find different conformations of the territory and so different related economies.

The Gargano, rich in vegetation, is a large rocky promontory which goes down to the sea from one side,  while gently sloping coastal lakes on the other side.

The “Tavoliere” is a large plain where agricolture is the major business.

The central area of Apulia is occupied by the Murge plateau, with its dry hills and small villages.

The extreme Southern belt is instead formed by the undulating beautiful land of Salento.

In particular, the area known as the Land of Bari is located between the Murgia and the Adriatic sea , a flat area between the mouth of Ofanto river and Fasano city. It includes the following coastal municipalities: Barletta , Trani, Bisceglie , Molfetta , Giovinazzo , Mola di Bari , Polignano a Mare , Monopoli and Fasano , as well as the city of Bari and some cities situated in the so-called Conca of Bari : Bitonto, Bitritto , Capurso , Modugno , Terlizzi , Triggiano and Valenzano .

This is the strip of land where the family Ferrara has been selecting the best quality of olives to obtain the best extra virgin olive oil.

Famous for its agricultural production and for its tourism, Apulia is one of the most actives regions of Southern Italy. Agriculture is still the primary resource. The major crops are olives, vegetables, fruits, wheat and vines: for these products Apulia is at the first places in Italy. Pugliese cuisine is a mix of typical Mediterranean diet recipes.

Italba Foods Firm

The company Italba Foods s.r.l borns as a continuation of the “oil company” that, for decades, the family Ferrara expertly leads in the province of Bari, one of the most famous areas in Italy for the production of olive oil.

The company Italba foods operates with professionalism, expertise and passion since years and offers the best oil either to the most demanding consumers who seek the unique tastes of the most valuable varietis, or to the families who are more focused on the household budget, but without compromising the safety and experience of a recognized brand like “Ferrara”.

The high quality products Ferrara are ensured by a careful selection of raw materials then processed in modern facilities, very capable of preserving their organoleptic characteristics.

High quality and respect for tradition are the ingredients of the good Ferrara oil.