Lemon and olive oil: drinking it on an empty stomach is good

It is a natural remedy known since antiquity, ideal to start the day with the right foot: a teaspoon of lemon and olive oil every morning, taken on an empty stomach, can bring great benefits to health. The union of the two elements, already in themselves healthy, helps to lubricate the mucous membranes of the stomach, to fight constipation and to activate the circulation and the functions of the liver and gall bladder. Moreover this antioxidant remedy is able to free us from toxins, purifying us from the inside.

Olive Oil: a protection for the heart

Among the known benefits of olive oil is to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Rich in fatty acids, olive oil helps to reduce bad cholesterol in excess, helping to improve blood circulation and maintain the health of veins and arteries. The addition of lemon juice results in a non-indifferent vitamin intake, which further improves cardiac function.

Relief for the liver

One of the most important benefits of the combination of oil and lemon on an empty stomach is definitely the purifying effect that lightens the liver. Often, in fact, thanks to a little careful nutrition, there can be annoyances such as swelling, a pasty mouth and an acid taste when waking up, severe headaches: all symptoms that show how to purify and detoxify us.

Relief for rheumatic pains

The anti-inflammatory qualities of this ancient remedy are also known: for those suffering from joint or rheumatic pains, a spoonful of olive oil and 3 drops of lemon juice taken in the morning (consistently) are a real panacea.

Oil and lemon in the morning: the arrangements

The ideal ways to carry out this healthy habit are the following: when you wake up, mix a teaspoon of olive oil with 3 drops of lemon, drink it on an empty stomach, then spend some time (maybe doing a refreshing morning shower). After half an hour, it’s time to have breakfast!
In just a few days you will feel even better, less weighted, with even beneficial effects on the quality of sleep.

In the case of healthy people, unpleasant symptoms caused by smoking or improper nutrition, such as bad breath upon awakening, gastrointestinal problems or an overload of the liver, will improve greatly and with minimal effort, provided that of course it is not symptoms related to known pathologies (in this case it is important to contact your doctor first).

Of course we recommend the selection of high quality products, both as regards extra virgin olive oil, better if PDO or if purchased from a trusted mill, and as regards lemon juice, which should be untreated and free of pesticides, from organic farming.

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